Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sewing with family!

Are you quilting along with us on the fabulous Summer Moon quilt?

I may not be speedy, and I may not get things done right on time, but I'm workin' at it! And my sweet sis AND my adorable niece are joining me on the journey!

We live about six hours apart, so this is a fun way to keep in touch! We are all using different fabrics and it is exciting to see the differences in the blocks!

I hope that our progress will inspire you to quilt along with us on the Summer Moon! Here is a link to the beautiful book from Carrie Nelson!  Grab a copy and join us! (I'm required to let you know that's an affiliate link - no change in your price, but I will earn a tiny commission to help pay for what else? More fabric!)

The three blocks for the first month were the Album block, Fool's Puzzle, and the Churn Dash block!

My sis chose some lovely fabrics - check out her Album blocks!

Next, the Churn Dash and the Fool's Puzzle blocks, all lined up:

And just to show how industrious she is, check this out - she's putting the borders on some of her blocks already! They are so, sew cute!!

My niece chose gorgeous reproduction fabrics -- here is her Album block:

Isn't that sumptuous? I am so excited about how different all of the blocks look, simply from our choices of fabrics to use!

Now, here are my "creamsicle" oranges and tangerines, in the Album block:

Here's my Churn Dash group:

And finally, the Fool's Puzzle blocks:

I really hope that you will use this linkie: CLICK HERE and join us as we put this fun sampler quilt together!

I'll post some more progress soon!!



  1. Distance shrinks as quilters get together like this,Love each set with such different colours.

  2. Nothing is more fun than quilting with family, even when miles apart...and it spurrs a person on as well. Love all the blocks

  3. The miles mean nothing when you can encourage, inspire and share with photos through the internet. It’s about the next best thing. Everyone’s blocks look great. It’s fun for us to see the differences of chosen fabrics.


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