Monday, May 6, 2019

Summer Moon quilt along - join us!

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Have y'all checked out this book? Summer Moon is a new book by Carrie Nelson, and the Fat Quarter Shop has big plans ahead! In October, they showed us the book and tantalized us with two different colorways: vintage and modern.

So, this month, the fun will begin -- there will be blog posts, and tutorials, and even videos! Here's a YouTube from the Jolly Jabber that tells you all about it!

Recently, I cajoled my dear sister and my sweet niece into joining me on the Summer Moon journey! Yay!

We are going to join in the fun and have a quilt along here at the Lilypad! Each month, you will have an opportunity to show off your progress on the quilt.

I love how clear the instructions are in this book - lots of information on fabric requirements, cutting instructions, and more!

I also love how there will be three of each block -- one small, medium, and large version of each pretty block! Whimsical? Yep! And here is how we will make all the blocks play together nicely: 

Different "frames" for each one, and then we'll assemble!

We are an easy-going bunch here at the Lilypad, and we are not going to try to do it in true Block of the Month style -- but you can if you like! Remember, that's the beauty of a quilt-along; you can go at your own pace!

I probably will do one block each month, instead of following the three-blocks-each-month schedule in the book. . . . I still work for a living (or to buy fabric!) so I am not going to stress, just have fun!

My colorway?
I went in my (re-purposed) cookie jar . . . . 

All oranges with low-volume neutrals for the backgrounds!

My sis chose these adorable fabrics:

So you see, you can choose the fabrics that float your boat and hop in and play!
Won't you join us?

Grab a book at this link, put together some fabrics that you just love, and let's get started! (If you need some assistance, like I did, call our buddies at the Fat Quarter Shop! Tell them what you are trying to accomplish, and they will suggest fabrics and even send swatches!)

I'll be posting some tips from my first block soon!



  1. It certainly looks like fun and I love the oranges


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