Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A visit from . . .

. . . och, and it's sure I am that I had a visit last night from the little people! You know, the little people from the Emerald Isle!

Came in whilst I was sleeping, they did!

Aye, and what a frolic they had!

I'll be showing ye the evidence, if ye have time to listen . . .

It's a mission of compassion they were on, I'm thinkin'. They saw that we had no decorations for the upcoming holiday, bless their wee hearts!

So it's to sewing that they started, and decorating me mantel, too!

It's amazed I am, that I didn't hear the patter of their wee shoes, nor the hum of the machine!

Look, it's King Bryan, himself, a-dancin' a jig upon me mantel!

It's an expedition in the closet they were on, I'll wager, when they found that treasured piece made by me dearly departed father-in-law, rest his soul. He was a dear one, indeed!

And it's all those shamrocks I be looking at now . . . all different fabrics! What fun the wee folk must have had, divin' in me fabric stash!

Aah, and it's the shamrocks they were tossin' about in the sewing room! It's a tablerunner that they were after creatin'!

Used the perle cotton thread and the "big stitch" quiltin', they did! Turned out as lovely as a summer morn in the meadow!

Aye, and it's glad I am, that the little people came to visit! 

Sure, and we're ready for St. Paddy's Day! (Which coincides each year with the day of our marriage, now forty-one blessed years ago!)

Faith and begorra, I hope all of you are spending time in your sewing happy places! Don't be forgettin' the olde proverb.....a handful of skill is worth a bagful of gold!!

See you again soon! Beannaachtam na Feile Padraig! (Happy Saint Patrick's Day!)


(Singing as I leave, "Mush, mush, mush, tur-a-li-anny!")


  1. And our dear son-in-law celebrates his birthday on that very same day. And a wonderful doctor who helped me so much with the constant back pain after surgery celebrated in style when we were down south, local patients came in bearing gifts of green, a cake, a scarf, and so much more.your wee fellows have surely been busy with feet and hands, scurrying about and all the goodies are ready for St Pat's Day.

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    1. Froilan, please do ask for permission to post before adding links. I prefer to do some research on suppliers before I recommend them to my readers.

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