Thursday, February 8, 2018

Craftsy class with Pepper Cory

I wanted to let y'all in on a sale!
(Small disclaimer here; this post contains affiliate links, and if you click and purchase I will receive a small commission but you will not pay a penny more!)

There's a great class on Craftsy by Pepper Cory.....and it's all about scrappy quilting!

Oh, I'm so all over this!

Scrappy is heavenly to me!  Waste not, want not is one of my mantras! (Another one is "small projects are the bomb" and there are several small projects here for quick satisfaction!)

(This is one of the projects posted on the community page for the class.)

And here is the cool part -- are you ready for this?  It's on sale!!!

I really am getting a lot out of these lessons, and I think you will enjoy it too! Whether you are a rookie or an ole-timer like me, Pepper has some great tips, and I love her laid back style!

(Another finished project from the class members.)

If you click on the link near the photo up there (the one with Pepper's smiling face), it will take you to Craftsy, and you can take advantage of the sale price! (It's less than fifteen bucks, that's a clue for ya!)

Have fun!



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