Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bonus projects to go with the quilt.....

Mhairi, I hope you are reading this.....and for those of you who haven't seen our boyz for a while, and wondered where they have been, Padsworth and DragonDrop are very much here, and very involved in things!

They decided they would help out with this post . . . . we'll see how this goes!

Remember the flimsy?

Well, it's still a flimsy, but I put those bonus HST squares to very good use!

First, I made a star pillow for the guest room bed where the quilt will make its home (once I have time to finish it!). 

Here are Padsworth and DragonDrop showing it to you:

Yep, that's one of my vintage chenille spreads on the bed, and those pillows behind the boyz will be covered in shams soon; that's next on the list!

I'm afraid they got a little rowdy after this; they wanted to check out the new window treatments. DragonDrop thought that rappelling down the cord of the new blinds looked fun:

And Padsworth lost his hold on the new valance and had to be rescued before any more photos could be made.

Once that crisis was averted, we could take some pictures to show y'all....

And yes, that is a particularly bright green on the walls.....hence the use of a good bit of white to tone things down!!

Here is the new valance, with more lovely bonus HST squares!

Along the top and bottom, I used scraps of the gorgeous Joanne Figueora fabrics as borders.

Whew! I think the guest room is coming along!

Of course, the boyz decided on a new project, and I'll give you a glimpse of their plans..... more to come soon!



  1. LOL! I love your valances. I think I need to try such. Total #CreativeGoodness. Lastly, I do hope Padsworth didn't get any injuries from his climb up the blinds. Looks dangerous. Glad he was rescued quickly.


  2. Lovely valances, but my eyes went past the windows to what looked like snow out there??

  3. Your guest room will look fabulous when finished. Love your choice of fabrics and your flimsy.

  4. I love the quilt and think he guest room is looking great, so much fun doing a room up. The Valance will go really well with the quilt. Have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Susie x

  5. Your valances are very eye-catching! Doubly so with the matching quilt! I have a few questions. Did you completely line the back side of the valance? If so, are the front and back stitched RST and then inverted like an envelope? How did you manage the casing for the rod? So clever and very thrifty!


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