Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Progress, slowly but surely!

Remember my hand-stitching project?

That cute "Maggie's First Dance" quilt from the pattern by Jacquelynne Steves.

I wanted to show you that I'd made some progress!

The centers of the yellow blocks are getting some freehand stitching that will vary from block to block:

I bumped up the contrast to make it easier to see!

And I'm slowly making my way around the pieced blocks with my colored threads -- love how this looks from the back of the quilt:

This is so relaxing and fun!

When it's all done, I'll have a wall-hanging that I can be proud of!

More merriment and mayhem soon!



  1. You can already be proud of it, it's beautiful!

  2. It's coming along so nicely!! I'm hand stitching the colored pieces in all the blocks. Then I'm planing to FMQ a flower in the open blocks-each different. I'll also FMQ the borders. I want to get it done to donate to a fundraiser for one of the students where I work.Thanks for your great idea to hand stitch!

  3. You will definitely have reason to be proud. What a beauty! And more power to ya, I'd never get that to the point of being hung on the wall with all that hand stitching. You are awesome!

  4.'re doing a great job!

  5. It's even prettier in person! I loved seeing it - so beautiful!

  6. It is pretty. You will have it finished soon!

  7. You will definitely have a wall hanging to be more than proud of....


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