Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I do loves being organized!

Don't you?

Sometimes it is difficult. 

But as in so many situations, the right tools make all the difference!

I wanted to show you a gorgeous set of tools from our sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop, and the talented Lori Holt, of Farm Girl Vintage block fame. . .

Remember these cute blocks?

Let's get organized together, OK? I won't be so scared of my UFOs and my bulging sketchbook, if you say you'll help me here....

The first thing we need in order to get organized is a "to-do" list. Am I right?  Personally, I live and die by my lists, because I'm a little forgetful.
OK, I'm a lot forgetful. (Grin)

Next we need adorable bookmarks to hold our place in our quilting books:

I heard that "squee" from here! They really ARE cute!
Next, how about a book for stickers or journaling (or both):

And to make colorful notes in said book:

You will also want to use those beautiful pens in this Scrappy Project Planner book:

I think you will love this planner -- Lori Holt designed the ultimate tool here, for when quilting and life need to stay organized! There are five sections: a weekly planner, a project planner, a tips and organization section, a scrappy planner with six patterns (awesome!) and extra pages for your own notes and sketches. Over two hundred pages of organizing helpfulness!

Last, but not least, some gingham washi tape for making your plans super cool and pretty, too!

If you would like to check out these cool tools, hop over to the Fat Quarter Shop and be sure to leave lots of notes around your house for any Santa that might want to gift you.....just sayin.

Thank you, to all the team at Fat Quarter Shop, and thank you to Lori Holt! I think now I will really be organized!



  1. Way cool. Certainly looks like these products would help make organizing more fun.


  2. THose are very cool and cute tools.

  3. The bookmarks and washi tape, fun tools to make things bright and beautiful, and easier to find in any book, with a machine poking out from the pages.

  4. Very cute! Love how bright and cheery it is. I'm so disorganized that I lose my organizers. LOL


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