Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the United States, we're celebrating Thanksgiving . . . some of us focus on the food, some on the parade, and some on the football games. (Grin)

But I want to focus on being thankful!

We've had a long and often rancorous election cycle here in our country. Many people are worried about whether or not there will be political discussions at their feasts, and the celebrants will morph into combatants. Mashed potatoes and giblet gravy will be flying, and it will turn into a Thanksgiving even more memorable than they'd hoped. (Grin)

Perhaps we need to reach across our tables and take each other's hands, and remind each other that today is a day to celebrate the love, peace, and gratitude that we share with our families and friends. Politics can come another day. Or not.

I've been blessed. So much. Yes, we've worked hard. And we've tried to work smart. The important thing is that the Lord has blessed our efforts. Our gradually widening middles (in spite of daily exercise) are confirmation that the Lord has provided....we've not gone hungry. He's protected our health, and comforted us through some Very. Hard. Times. 

So today, I raise my hand and say, "Yes, I'm blessed! Thank you, Lord!"

I hope you'll join me. Please don't throw the potatoes?



  1. Love your words today, and over the last days, Joyce and I have often talked about how thankful we are.People stranded, one man died, another person died from a heart attack, businesses unable to carry on, roads impassable. no toilets or showers, and a home you cannot live in. This is all in the Kaikoura region where the recent massive earthquake too place. We continue to be thankful for our home, our families, our safety, and think of those not so fortunate. Fancy food is not a priority in our home, (apart from yummy home made fudge ) but for htose of you in the North who celebrate, let your Thanksgiving be that of thanks.

  2. A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. I too am very thankful to be blessed regardless of the mishaps of life. Happy Thanksgiving Jacque!


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