Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Taking a breather . . . be back soon!

The team here at the Lilypad is taking a break, but don't despair! We'll be back soon, with more merriment and mayhem!

For those of you who've asked, Moses the Studio Cat seems to be holding his own, with no more weight loss. The tumor is a tad larger, but not growing really fast. The meds are helping him keep interested in eating. (Grin) Never thought I'd have to worry about that with this cat. In time, the meds will not be as effective, but for now, King Moses has the run of the house, and the best in treats and scritches!

I'm so pleased that many of you let me know that you enjoyed the Pets Show. That's awesome! I hope that you will talk it up and next year's show will be even bigger and better!

During this coming year, we hope to have a Padsworth's Project linky party, and help more shelter pets stay comfy and happy.

I have some muscadine and scuppernong grapes that need picking, so I'll work on that, and then....

Off to my hammock to chill! (Now, where did I put that tumbler of iced tea.....)



  1. Go enjoy some berries, ice tea, a bunch of naps and simply time to relax and pamper. I thoroughly enjoyed the Pets on Quilts Show this year. Thanks for all your hard work to coordinate such a fun event. Glad to hear sweet Moses is hanging in there. Sounds like he is getting great care, enjoying time with you, while taking things day by day.


  2. Scuppernong - isn't that a fun name?! :)
    So glad Jacque, that Moses is holding his own!


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