Thursday, May 19, 2016

More vintage linens found . . .

I found some more lovely vintage things that I wanted to share with you . . .  

I think these are what my grandma used to call "dresser scarves" but if I'm wrong, please feel free to chime in and correct me!

Like the items I showed before, these were all made by my hubby's grandma, so they are precious family heirlooms. I love the ingenuity of the designs, and how they made every bit of that feedsack count!

All of those perfect little French knots . . . 

And making the flowers two-toned! So cute!

This one is in different colors -- I imagine she had different bedrooms in mind when she made these.

Love the vines on this one.

The flower petals are wavy, instead of straight -- I like the movement that it gives the embroidery.

And the piece de resistance (see, I'm cultured and can speak French): the hand crocheted trim! Beautiful!

Thanks for wandering down memory lane with me today!