Sunday, April 24, 2016

Got it done!

Remember this UFO? Using some of my favorite Mary Engelbreit fabrics, and a block from the Farm Girl Vintage book:

Here it is, all quilted and bound:

(I do love me a polka dot binding!) I love the crinkly look of the runner, too, after washing it!

I went WAY outside my comfort zone here, with new free motion quilting attempts. New to me, at any rate! I was encouraged by our sweet friend, QuiltShopGal, to use a mandala motif in the center blocks. 
That blew me away at first . . . I looked up the term and was seeing all kinds of Super. Duper. Intricate. Stuff.
But then she assured me that a very simple design could still be called a mandala, and would fill those blocks nicely. 
So, with fear and trepidation, and knees knocking in my knickers (like that alliteration?), I tried it out. Here is one of the blocks, seen from the front. 

And here is one, seen from the back of the runner:

I mucked about with the contrast on this one, so you could see one of my feathers . . . kinda proud of how those turned out!

Here is a link to a video that helped me with the feathers. Karen Miller explains and demonstrates the "bump back" feathers. Thanks, Karen!

Now it's time for a Kale and Banana smoothie and I'll sit back and admire my new runner!



  1. You did great with this! The mandala really is the perfect motif for those blocks and you should be very proud of those feathers, it all looks wonderful together!

  2. Yay you! It's great to finish up something like that. Nice job.

  3. A very pretty runner and I love your feathers and mandala. Great work.

  4. Your table runner looks lovely, Jacque.


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