Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Working on a UFO

Remember these fun "Farm Girl Vintage" blocks from a few months ago? 

I switched out the fabrics in the outer squares, because I wanted to use that green for the setting triangles. A little frogging (you know the seam ripper drill, right? Rip-it, rip-it!) and I then substituted either the soft blue or the cheerful red in those corners.

I put them together into a runner for my kitchen table -- now they look like this:

Here's a close up of one of the blue-square blocks: 

And here is the whole runner, rescued from the UFO pile:

Oops, there are those slippers again. Could have cropped them out, I guess, but we're keeping it real here. (Grin) Insomniacs make great quilters, right?

I'm thinking about some in-the-ditch and small motif quilting inside the blocks -- I'm wondering if I have the moxie to quilt some (gasp) feathers in those nice large green triangles! Y'all wish me luck there!

Here is a peek at the ME pieced backing. Love working with Mary Engelbreit fabrics; they make me feel more cheerful just playing with them.

Hope you are finding time to sew, too!



  1. Very cheerful table runner. While your free-motion quilting plans sound lovely, I'm off on a Mandala kick and thinking of overstepping the standard blocks, by way of centering a large Mandala on each block and quilting mandala motifs for your three focal blocks and straight lines in remaining spaces, possibly diamonds. But what ever you do, it will look great. And I love your cozy slippers too. I definitely need to get a pair of those.


  2. Great table runner. Such a good way to use up blocks. And the slippers are perfect. ;-)

  3. I hope you never crop those smiling little faces out, I like them. The runner is such a good idea for using up those blocks, I say go for it with the feathers, good practice and they will look great.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous table runner. So glad those little slippers were left in the picture, they made me smile.

  5. I like the blocks better with the red and blue cornerstones. Our quilt shop has been doing farm girl as a block of the month. Nest month is the last month and then they are having a contest on the finished quilts.


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