Monday, February 15, 2016

Small and Sweet Mini Day!

Have you joined the party? Each month, Mishka and Jacquelynne Steves are bringing us cute mini-quilt patterns! Sew much fun!

If you are new to the party, here is where you can join up: click this link and you will be magically transported through cyberspace to the place where you can sign up!

These are cute quilts that finish at 26 inches square -- perfect for a quick project to keep the winter blues away, and offer us (almost) instant gratification with a fast finish! (Grin)

Here is my "take" on the Love You pattern from Jacquelynne . . .

I ran out of time to make the whole quiltie, so I took some Valentine-themed fabrics and made two blocks.

Above, is the original applique from Jacquelynne; the little Cupid's arrow is the perfect touch!
Below, another look, with an appliqued heart from a lively print:

Jacquelynne's patterns are always so clear and easy to use; here is the block once the first borders are on . . . I love this!

I added the black border with cornerstones, and then freemotioned some hearts and curlies all over the blocks:

I'm going to be very brave and let you see closeups of my quilting here:

The backs of the blocks received a scrappy backing from other "hearty" prints!

A black binding, very narrow, and these can be used as mugrugs or placemats!

These are in the mail to two sweeties that I know -- I hope they like them!

Be sure to sign up for the fun -- there will be six patterns in all, and you will enjoy quilting along with us!

NOTE: I'm not only being brave, I'm also being honest . . . this is the pattern from last month! The Killer Virus messed up my brain, I guess, so you'll have to check Mishka's  or Jacquelynne's corners of blogland for this month's pattern: AHOY!!! It's awesome; it's cute; and it's easy to follow Jacquelynne's instructions to make the mini-quilt!

See ya next time!



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