Monday, November 16, 2015

A hedgehog . . . as promised!

Remember when the foxes took over the blog last week, and you met all of them? They're pretty handsome fellows.

They were concerned about the hedgehogs they had heard about.

All those prickles, you know.

They had nothing to worry about. (Grin)

Meet the hedgehogs:

Again, giving credit where credit is due, these are the darling creations of Elizabeth Hartman, of Oh Fransson, and we of the quilting community say, "Bravo!"

Aren't they cute?

The pattern actually made a larger critter, but I wanted to make a block that was closer in size to the foxes.

I worked with the sizes and came up with a block that finishes at approximately 6.5 x 8.5. So they are very close in size to the fancy foxes!

Now to put these animals together into pillow covers!

More to come later . . . (Hey, hedgehogs, move over a little . . . the foxes say those prickles are uncomfortable . . . ) 



  1. Two of my favorite patterns! I have them both and hope to make a quilt for two of my granddaughters one day soon :*) Yours are so adorable, I want to drop everything and do it today!

  2. Those are so cute. I love the hedgehog.

  3. Too cute. Great #CreativeGoodness.


  4. The hedgehogs are really cute. I must make some and some foxes.

  5. Very cute. My daughter loved hedgehogs (and wants a real one really bad) and I figure I'm going to have to make her a wallhanging from that pattern at some point.

  6. Those hedgehogs are too cute to be prickly, they look petable.

  7. Foxes and Hedgehogs and what's to come, Oh my!


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