Saturday, October 3, 2015

I'm calling her "Nora"

I have a new playmate!

She's actually older than me.

Since my previous playmates were dinosaurs, that makes her older than the dirt, right? (Grin)

Check her out!

She's been in the family for years, but not been used for about forty of those.....just sittin' and waitin' for me!

Nora is from just one of many companies that made similar machines in that era. Apparently they are real workhorses and with loving care, will "sew forever"!

Love the decorations . . .

She has a few scratches, but what a pretty face!

I have a friend who loves the old machines (none of that plastic stuff, now!) and he oiled her up and checked her out for me.  He was thrilled to do it, because he bought his wife one of these in the late forties . . . so I guess that is how old Nora is.  He was so proud of the beautiful stitches she was producing, and I have to admit, I am loving them, too!

She came to me in the original cabinet, with the original box of accessories, so we are vintage all the way here!

Don't know what some of these do..... maybe I'll experiment later. Right now, Nora and I are pedal to the metal chain piecing some squares!

Nora isn't new, but she's new to me, and I'm passionate about sewing with her, so I'm linking up with Jan's "Sew Simple Saturday" party over at Sew and Sow Farm!  Hop over there and check out all the fun blog posts and tips!

Here's my tip for the day . . . be sure to clean your machine frequently! Get into all the nooks and crannies with a little soft brush or maybe even the fancy-schmancy air tool like you use on computer keyboards!
Get the lint out, and little pieces of thread. You wouldn't believe all that was in Nora .  .  . after napping for forty years, she needed a good spiffing up! Check your booklet to see the spots to oil, if it's an older machine like her. Change your needle, too. 
You'll be sew glad that you did! Your machine will purr happily and you'll love how well it stitches!



  1. Beautiful machine and good tip! I do a cursory cleaning quite frequently, but need to really spend some time giving my machine lots of love and attention. Although not quite so vintage as Nora, she's been my trusty companion for over 40 years!

  2. The top is a binding foot and the bottom one is a tuck foot. You can read about there here.

  3. Congratulations and welcome Nora, she's beautiful. I clean my machines all the time and just read a tip that works great, use a pipe cleaner to get the lint out, I fold mine in half for a little extra strength and it works so much better than the brush I was using.

  4. As with Dana, I also keep pipe cleaners / chenille stems on hand for cleaning my machines. I also clean a mascara brush after the mascara is no longer usable and use it to clean my machines. Those little 'bristles' pick up a lot and get into small places.... Love your ' new' machine and she is a beauty!

  5. Nora is a beauty! So glad she found a home with someone that will love and take great care of her! I don't clean my machines as often as I should! Thank you for linking up! xo jan

  6. Oh I love the sound of sewing on my featherwieght! COngrats on Nora!! You'll have to share her at Tuesday ARchives on the 13th as our theme will be Vinatage Machines! :)

  7. Nora is absolutely beautiful and looks like a hard worker. Going to be fun to sew with her. Enjoy.


  8. Ooh how wonderful Jacque! Nora will bring you lots of joy. I love the sound of a vintage machine sewing along, don't you? Gene got your attachments exactly right! I've used my multi-slot binding foot on small projects and it is a very fun attachment.

  9. I remember my grandmother cleaning her sewing machine with a feather, so I have always used a feather, too. The air-tool and pipe cleaner idea sound better! Congratulations on Nora - she is a beauty!

  10. Love those old antique machines, back when they knew how to build one to last and made it pretty too!

  11. What a beautiful machine. Keeping her oiled up and going would be a pleasure!

  12. Thanks for showing your Beautiful Machine !

  13. I finish sewing by cleaning and oiling my machine

  14. I just love old machines as well.... thanks for the tip


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