Monday, September 7, 2015

A big reveal - and a party!

Our friends at the FQS know how to party, for sure! Check out this video about their newest Shortcut Quilt, called "Star Cakes!" (And stay with us to see the big reveal!)

This is a fast and easy way to make a quilt top -- all you need are two layer cakes (a print and a solid) and some fabric for your sashing (lattice) strips!

Here's mine:

And to make the party even more fun, they are having a sale on the layer cakes that you need to make this beauty! Lookie!

Here is one of the blocks . . .  at sixteen inches square, it doesn't take many of these bad boys to make your quilt top!

The heart of their Short Cut Quilt Pattern, Star Cakes, is an ingenious way to make the HSTs (Half Square Triangles!). Check out the video to make sure you get it right!

Look at all that batik goodness lying there, waiting to be assembled into blocks!

Now, a word to the wise . . . HSTs can be problematic if you aren't careful, and this method doesn't give you much wiggle room. (This is not one of the make-it-bigger-and-square-it-up methods....there is far less cutting and squaring, so it's a Short Cut Quilt!)  Make sure that you measure carefully, and I found it helpful to pin the middle of the seams, to make my matches "right on the money."

I also found it extremely helpful to starch my batik squares first - I know, it added another step, but it also helped me to avoid some wonky half square triangles! (Grin)

This quilt is going to be for a young man who is now an attorney (that's "barrister" for our friends in the UK!).  I thought these colors looked masculine . . . and I don't have to worry -- he doesn't look at my blog!

This is the gorgeous "Sparrow" colorway of Hoffman batiks that is available at the Fat Quarter Shop.

In case you are wondering what size this ends up . . . here is a photo of the flimsy on a double bed, so that you can get an idea of the size. Please excuse the atrocious indoor lighting. (Sorry.)

It is long enough to cover the pillows at the top, and comes down as far as a comforter does, on the sides.

Here's one more photo of the completed top -- or is it complete? I think I might get another layer cake of "Sparrow" and make a border. (Grin) The layer cakes are on sale! 

Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop team! I had a ball making this top -- it's a great Short Cut Quilt!

Hop on over and check out their party, er, sale, and join us in making Star Cakes quilts!



  1. Thanks for sharing this, off to the Fat Quarter Shop now

  2. It looks wonderful and will be really beautiful when it is all quilted up.

  3. That turned out really great and the colors are perfect especially for a guy quilt.

  4. I love this design and your fabrics and colors just look spectacular. Gorgeous quilt.



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