Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Join the club

When you were little (which for me, brings back memories of running for my life from the dinosaurs) did you belong to a club?
(Clip art courtesy of Clips Ahoy)
I can't say that I ever belonged to one (maybe because I was running to avoid the dinos) but now I have my chance!
Our lovely sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop, is announcing their new clubs, and they look like a lot of fun!
Check this out:
Are you (like me) crazy about Aurifil thread? There's a club for us!
Do you swoon over reproduction fabrics? There's a club for you! It will revive you more quickly than Scarlet can say "Ash-leh, dahling!"

Do your bells jingle when you get a sighting of holiday fabrics? Check out this club!
Are you a Pre Cuts Lover? Your heart will go pitty-pat for this club:
OR for this one!

They have clubs for everyone; if you yearn for batiks, or if you love the latest from Moda's designers, you are sure to find a Fat Quarter Shop club that is perfect for you.

Hop on over and have a look -- and sign up for the one that you like best! The friendly folks at FQS will make sure that you have monthly shipments of fabric goodness!




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