Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The voting begins! Vote at this blog post!

Has everybody been having fun?
Well, it's about to get even funner! (Grin)
It's time to vote for your favorites in the Pets on Quilts Show!!

I hope that you have hopped around and visited all of the wonderful entries --- and that you know who you want to vote for in each category!

Remember, these are the categories:

             1. Dog or pup and quilt
             2. Cat or kitten and quilt
             3. Other animal and quilt
             4. Dog-themed quilt
             5. Cat-themed quilt
             6. Other animal-themed quilt

We will award viewers' choice prizes in each of these categories, so pick your favorites thoughtfully and carefully!

The remainder of the prizes will be awarded by random drawing, and there are lots of ways to earn "tickets" in the drawings!

It is NOT mandatory that you do each and every one of these things . . . but I know some of you have been drooling over the prizes, and you might want to increase your chances of winning!

So, here goes:
1. If you entered the linky party, you will have commented before, and I will count that.
2. If you have visited ALL of the entries, and left comment love, tell me so in a comment.
3. If you are a follower here at the Lilypad, tell me in a comment.
4. Leave a comment with your votes for all six categories.
5. If you were a PR angel and spread the word through a previous post or Facebook post, leave a comment and let me know that.
6. If you have visited any of our sponsors and mentioned the Pet Show, let me know that.


That's a lot of chances to win!

Now, I expect that there will be lots of comments, so please don't get upset with me if I don't reply to them like I usually do!

Ready? Please don't be a no-reply commenter! I don't want to have Mr. Random choose you in the drawing, and then have to let your prize go to someone else!
I try to chase many of you down, but I just can't do it every time.
I had a sweet comment from a Nellie Duclos, and she wanted to enter the linky party, but her settings were on no-reply, and so I couldn't find her! That made me sad.
PLEASE make certain that I can reply or find you. If you are not sure, put your email address in your comment like this:       name(at)gmail(dot)com

We'll leave the ballot box open for a week . . . that gives you plenty of time to recruit people to vote for your entry -- and they just might win a prize for voting!

After that, you'll have to bear with us while we use our slide rule, legal pad and mechanical pencil (we're hard core) and when we're done, we'll announce the winners!

Let the voting begin!  Right here on this post . . . leave your comments here!



  1. Do we vote here or on the original post?

  2. Dog on Quilt #37, Cat on Quilt #10 , Other on Quilt #72, Dog Theme #28, Cat Theme #62, Other Theme #45

  3. Dog on Quilt #21, Cat on Quilt #42 , Other on Quilt #73, Dog Theme #28, Cat Theme #54, Other Theme #47. Good luck everyone! Loved them ALL!!!

  4. Left comments on each of the entries. Am talb9999 on Flikr.

  5. I left comments on all of the entries!
    missysaprons @ yahoo.com

  6. I follow you!
    missysaprons @ gmail.com

  7. Wouldn't be right for me to vote for my own entries so here are my picks.

    1- #60
    2 - #18 (no relation)
    3 - 73
    4 - 31
    5 - 74
    6 - 45

  8. cats on quilts - 6
    cat themed quilt - 54
    dogs on quilt - 56
    dog themed quilt - 71
    other animal themed quilt - 45
    other animal on quilt - 72


  9. I am a PR angel, wrote a blog post before the show and put the button on my blog.

  10. Of course I follow you and Padsworth via Bloglovin

  11. 1. Dog or puppy on quilt ... # 63
    2. Cat or kitten on quilt ... #2
    3. Other animal on quilt ... #73
    4. Dog-themed quilt project ... #46
    5. Cat-themed quilt project ... #54
    6. Other animal-themed project ... #47

    I am not a participant. I just enjoyed the great show.
    Thanks to all! ... :) Pat

  12. I'm a GFC follower and better yet, I have ya right on my blogroll!!

  13. I did a shout out post and party button has been on my blog! YAH!

  14. I follow with GFC, have the button, visited the sponsors, commented on most of the entrants (some where broken links and I couldn't figure out how to comment on the new flckr) . What a great turn out this year!!

  15. Of course I'm a follower! Love your blog :)

  16. I also shared the news at my blog - http://aquiltandaprayer.blogspot.com/2014/08/voting-starts-today.html

  17. Wow a Wonderful show and they are all winners. However I have to vote so here we go :

    1. Dog/Puppy and a Quilt - 56
    2. Cat/Kitten and a Quilt - 2
    3. Other Animal and a Quilt - 79
    4. Dog Themed Quilt - 71
    5. Cat Themed Quilt - 74
    6. Other Animal-Themed Quilt - 45

    That was hard! Thanks to Snoodle, Padsworth & Dragondrop for all their hard work and the lovely sponsors.

    Hugs, Susie x

  18. I also put the button on my blog and wrote about this wonderful show. Susie x

  19. I am a follower of Lily Pad Quilting through GFC.

  20. This has been so much fun! I have visited and commented on a lot of the entries, although I must admit not all as time ran out. However, here are my votes:
    1. Dog or pup and quilt #70
    2. Cat or kitten and quilt #20
    3. Other animal and quilt #79
    4. Dog-themed quilt #31
    6. Other animal-themed quilt #55

    Good luck to everyone who entered :)

  21. I did leave comments where I could, had a lot of trouble though with the Flickr entries but I loved them all. Susie x

  22. I finally finished this morning leaving love on all of the entries, I so enjoy reading them all.

  23. I really LOVED all the entries - so fun! My picks are:
    Dog on quilt #63
    Cat on quilt #2
    Other animal with quilt #79
    Dog Themed quilt #66
    Cat Themed quilt #29
    Other Animal Themed quilt #45

  24. Tough to choose but I went with my favorite animal!
    Dog on quilt #33
    Cat on quilt #2
    Other Animal on Quilt #72
    Dog-themed #23
    Cat themed #54
    Other animal theme #55

  25. My votes:

    Dog on quilt: #33
    Cat on quilt: #9
    Other on quilt: #79
    Dog theme: #26
    Cat theme: #54
    Other theme: #55

  26. I think I left comments on everyone's except the Flicker ones. It's been so fun! I was a PR angel, and I follow you on Bloglovin.

  27. Snoodles, this was such a fun linky party. I commented a ton, but could not do the flickr entries. So now. I cannot bring myself to vote on any one pet - I loved them all!
    Had know idea that it would get brownie points, but I do follow you on GFC, Bloglovin', have you on my blogroll, and tweeted you two or three times on Twitter. I just wanted to thank you for what a good time this has been!

  28. I shared on twitter and put the button on my blog. Now to figure out how to vote :-) you know you have to lead the blind :-)

  29. Voting was soooooo tough as I wanted to vote for everybody! But here goes:
    1. Dog or pup and quilt - #19
    2. Cat or kitten and quilt - #10
    3. Other animal and quilt - #79
    4. Dog-themed quilt - #31
    5. Cat-themed quilt - #54
    6. Other animal-themed quilt - #45
    I'm a PR angel, follow you on Bloglovin and have a link to your blog on my blogroll's sidebar. Also followed a couple of the sponsors and signed up for their e-newsletters. Thank YOU, and your sponsors, so much for pulling together this super fun 'show'! It was nice to be a part of the quilting community! Everyone made me feel very 'welcome'.

  30. I love following you Snoodles!!

  31. The voting was extremely hard but here goes...
    Dog quilt: #1
    Cat Quilt: #2
    Other Animal on quilt: #79
    Dog Themed: #26
    Cat Themed: #54
    Other animal themed: #45 ;)

    Good luck to everyone!!! Great quilt show!!

  32. I vote for Lucy #35 because she is one good-looking cat! You're welcome!

  33. What tough choices!

    Dog quilt: #44
    Cat Quilt: #20
    Other Animal on quilt: #79
    Dog Themed: #46
    Cat Themed: #36
    Other animal themed: #45

  34. I got such lovely comments about my dog Lila #48 and was just happy to share her on this forum - no prizes greater than that pleasure but here are my votes
    1- #77 - such a heart warming post
    2-#10 - long time follower of Barb so had to vote for Gracie
    3-#73 - love horses, loved the quilt
    4-#23 - reminds me of my other dog
    5-#74 - so realistic....thought it was a photo
    6-#45 - pretty quilt

  35. My votes:

    1. Pup on a quilt: #19
    2. Cat on a quilt: #2
    3. Other animal: #73
    4. Dog quilt: #23
    5. Cat quilt: #74
    6. Other quilt: #45

  36. Votes :
    dog on quilt 14
    cat on quilt 6
    other animal on quilt 13
    dog project 71
    cat project 54
    other project 45

  37. I started voting...but just couldn't choose one for each category!! I enjoyed seeing and reading so many others posts about pets...I'd rather let the random selector pick. THANKS for a fun hop!!!! With smiles! V:)

  38. Where are the links for the categories so I can vote?

  39. dog on quilt - 50
    cat on quilt- 4
    other animal on quilt-72
    dog theme- 83
    cat theme -54
    other animal-55

  40. I follow you! I am working my way through the entries so I haven't voted yet -- when is the deadline? I'm enjoying my visits so far! :)

  41. i am a follower and I so enjoy this yearly pet show

  42. I had so much fun visiting all the posts and many answered my emails...

  43. my votes
    1 dogs on quilt # 60
    2 Cat on quilt # 2
    3 Other animal on quilt # 79
    4 Dog theme # 61
    5 cat theme # 62
    6 other animal theme # 55

  44. My votes are as follow:

    Dog on quilt: 58
    Cat on quilt: 19
    Other animal on quilt: 73
    Dog theme: 57
    Cat theme: 74
    Other animal: 45

  45. The parade was wonderful again this year :-) tho I did miss seeing the hedge hog again! The horse pictures were beautiful and I loved all the bird themed quilts. I visited and commented on every post but had troubles with Flickr not updating. Thank you LilyPad for hosting. Love see all these animals and the quilts! My votes:
    1. Dog on quilt #16 couldn't help myself :-)
    2. cat on quilt #11
    3. other animal on quilt #73
    4. dog themed #73
    5. cat themed #54
    6. other animal themed #45
    P.S. I really loved having so many visitors and comments on my blog too.
    Thank you!

  46. My votes are as follow:
    #58 and #57 and an extra 10 points for Rusty~

  47. I'm a follower and this years show was spectacular!

  48. My choices, and believe me it was tough, are
    D0Q ~ #65
    C0Q ~ #2
    OoQ ~ #79
    DT ~ #71
    CT ~ #74
    OT ~ #45

  49. My choices:

    Dog on quilt #33
    Cat on quilt #2
    Other Animal on Quilt #73
    Dog-themed #23
    Cat themed #54
    Other animal theme #55

  50. What fun! I do follow Lily Pad Quilting (of course!) I did spread the word through my post about the Pets on Quilts Show! Now, here are my votes - but it was so hard to choose! (except for my own biased opinion )
    1. Dog or pup and quilt - #21 (love Jackson!)
    2. Cat or kitten and quilt - #35
    3. Other animal and quilt - #73
    4. Dog-themed quilt - #31
    5. Cat-themed quilt - #74
    6. Other animal-themed - #66

    Thanks again for hosting such a fun party!

  51. 1. Dog on Quilt - 65
    2. Cat on Quilt - 10
    3. Other on Quilt - 79
    4. Dog project - 31
    5. Cat project - 74
    6. Other project - 47

  52. Dog on Quilt === #56 (Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug)

  53. 1. Dog or pup and quilt

    no.65 Olive meditating in the garden. :-)

  54. I'm letting you know I spread the love and sent this to my friends and family; my sister even left a comment on Deogie's post, and I didn't even ask her to!

  55. I'm voting for Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug, who are #56, for the category of dogs on a quilt.

  56. I'm voting for Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug, who are #56, for the category of dogs on a quilt.They are cute, cute, cute!!!

  57. I'm voting for Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug, who are #56, for the category of dogs on a quilt.

  58. I follow lilypadquilting using bloglovin.

  59. Dog on quilt - 21. Jackson at Vals Quilt Studio
    Cat on quilt - 10. Cat on a Quilt: Gracie
    Other animal and quilt - 73. Quilt on a Horse - Murphy
    Dog-themed quilt - 71. Best friends
    Cat-themed quilt - 29. Chester & the KittyCat Quilt
    Other animal-themed quilt - 55. Foxy

  60. "I'm voting for Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug, who are #56, for the category of dogs on a quilt." And yes, they are the cutest pugs ever.

  61. Dog on quilt - 22
    Cat on quilt - 42
    Other animal and quilt - 79
    Dog-themed quilt - 46
    Cat-themed quilt - 29
    Other animal-themed quilt - 55

  62. Had great fun visiting all the entries!

  63. My vote goes to #33 ~ Wilbur (can't resist that face!)

  64. I am going thru them all and having a hard time choosing for sure, will come back and vote for ones I know for sure...
    for "dog on quilt" category, I would like to vote for #19 The terrible twins
    gosh the kitties are so hard to decide!

  65. 1. #56 pugs!
    2. #41 cat sandwich!
    3. #72
    4 .#62
    5. #38
    6. #47

  66. 1. 56 Pugs
    2. 6 Missy in MO
    3. 73 Quilt on Horse Murphy
    4. 82 Tashi Jack Russel Pup
    5. 62 Cats of the Month
    6. 47 Other Animal Themed Quilt

  67. Great blog hop. I really enjoyed all the posts.
    #56 Dog or pup and quilt
    #76. Cat or kitten and quilt
    #79 Other animal and quilt
    #83 Dog-themed quilt
    #54 Cat-themed quilt
    #55 Other animal-themed quilt

  68. Dog or pup and quilt - #58
    Other animal and quilt - #72

  69. Another great pet show. I was a bit slack this year and didn't get Molly in! My votes are
    Cat on quilt #10
    Dog on quilt #22
    Other animal #72
    Dog quilt #26
    Cat quilt #54
    Other animal quilt #47

  70. I love #70, the black dog looks so comfy on that quilt/pillow(?). My little black kitty is one of my three feline assistants that must try out every sewing project I make! She has even tried to help me by pulling out the ball topped pins so now I have to use those flat flower shaped qulting pins. Rosemary (nellieduclos@yahoo.com)

  71. 1. Dog or pup and quilt - 70 ( of course!)
    2. Cat or kitten and quilt -35
    3. Other animal and quilt -79
    4. Dog-themed quilt -83
    5. Cat-themed quilt-54
    6. Other animal-themed quilt-45

  72. I am a follower here at LilyPad Quilting

  73. I have the button on my blog and did a PR post

  74. 3 -79 and 6- 79 other animal with her quilt a horse

  75. 1. DoQ : 68
    2. CoQ: 75
    3. other: 73
    4. DQ 31
    5. CQ 62
    6 other: 55

    thanks! this has been really fun

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. 1. DoQ : 68
    2. CoQ: 75
    3. other: 73
    4. DQ 31
    5. CQ 62
    6 other: 55

  78. 1. Dog on quilt: 56
    2. Cat on quilt: 6
    3. Other on quilt: 72
    4. Dog themed quilt: 26
    5. Cat themed quilt: 54

  79. I was a PR Angel and wrote a blog post on the Pet Show.

  80. Spreading the love with a PR link to the voting - thanks for hosting this wonderful event.

  81. I vote for 56 for dogs on a quilt

  82. I vote for 56 for dogs on a quilt

  83. I am a Lily Pad follower & want to thank you for the wonderful time I've had visiting all the blogs and reading the stories and of course, seeing all the great animals & beautiful quilts.

  84. Visited all the quilts and left a comment. Everyone did a wonderful job and it was very difficult to make my picks. Good luck to everyone.

  85. 1. Dog on a Quilt: #43 - Toby Loves My Quilt
    2. Cat on a Quilt: #6 - Missy in MO
    3. Other Animal on a Quilt: #72 - Quilt on a Horse - Logan
    4. Dog themed Quilt: #71 Best friends
    5. Cat themed Quilt: #54 - Cat Quilt
    6. Other Animal Themed Quilt: #45 - Birds at the Window

  86. #33 - Dog on quilt, #18 for cat, #73 for other. #71 for Dog theme, #54 for cat, and #45 for other. Good luck everyone.

  87. Very difficult to choose just one..., but
    1. Dog on #16
    2. Cat on #18
    3. Other on #79
    4. Dog themed #23
    5. Cat themed #62
    6. Other themed #45

  88. Yes, SO hard to decide (and you'll see for the first category I want TWO!!
    1. Dog or puppy on quilt: BOTH #12 (quilt ON dog, and such beauties both dog and quilt are!) AND (please please please) #81 Deogie (soo intelligent, and adorable, and she's ancient!)
    2. Cat or kitten on quilt: #9
    3. Other animal on quilt: #73
    4. Dog-themed quilt project: #80
    5. Cat-themed quilt project: #74
    6. Other animal-themed project: #47
    Thank you for doing this! Great fun!

  89. I'm a follower of your blog.

  90. cats on quilts - 35
    cat themed quilt - 54
    dogs on quilt - 65
    dog themed quilt - 80
    other animal themed quilt - 45
    other animal on quilt - 73


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