Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The voting begins! Vote at this blog post!

Has everybody been having fun?
Well, it's about to get even funner! (Grin)
It's time to vote for your favorites in the Pets on Quilts Show!!

I hope that you have hopped around and visited all of the wonderful entries --- and that you know who you want to vote for in each category!

Remember, these are the categories:

             1. Dog or pup and quilt
             2. Cat or kitten and quilt
             3. Other animal and quilt
             4. Dog-themed quilt
             5. Cat-themed quilt
             6. Other animal-themed quilt

We will award viewers' choice prizes in each of these categories, so pick your favorites thoughtfully and carefully!

The remainder of the prizes will be awarded by random drawing, and there are lots of ways to earn "tickets" in the drawings!

It is NOT mandatory that you do each and every one of these things . . . but I know some of you have been drooling over the prizes, and you might want to increase your chances of winning!

So, here goes:
1. If you entered the linky party, you will have commented before, and I will count that.
2. If you have visited ALL of the entries, and left comment love, tell me so in a comment.
3. If you are a follower here at the Lilypad, tell me in a comment.
4. Leave a comment with your votes for all six categories.
5. If you were a PR angel and spread the word through a previous post or Facebook post, leave a comment and let me know that.
6. If you have visited any of our sponsors and mentioned the Pet Show, let me know that.


That's a lot of chances to win!

Now, I expect that there will be lots of comments, so please don't get upset with me if I don't reply to them like I usually do!

Ready? Please don't be a no-reply commenter! I don't want to have Mr. Random choose you in the drawing, and then have to let your prize go to someone else!
I try to chase many of you down, but I just can't do it every time.
I had a sweet comment from a Nellie Duclos, and she wanted to enter the linky party, but her settings were on no-reply, and so I couldn't find her! That made me sad.
PLEASE make certain that I can reply or find you. If you are not sure, put your email address in your comment like this:       name(at)gmail(dot)com

We'll leave the ballot box open for a week . . . that gives you plenty of time to recruit people to vote for your entry -- and they just might win a prize for voting!

After that, you'll have to bear with us while we use our slide rule, legal pad and mechanical pencil (we're hard core) and when we're done, we'll announce the winners!

Let the voting begin!  Right here on this post . . . leave your comments here!