Friday, April 25, 2014

It's just as important as what is up front!

Did you know that if you search with that famous search engine that we won't call by name, the one that has "images" for you to choose from, that you can find lots of "backgrounds"?

Loads of different colors.

Lots of shapes.

Some even seem to have three-dimensional textures.

It seems that some people find backgrounds really important. 

Me, too!

Let me show you what I mean . . . remember my "Mug Shots" table topper?

It has kind of a bland background, right? Nothing special. It lets the Kona Bay fabrics shine, that's true.

But what if I kinda kicked it up a notch, to quote a famous chef . . . if for my third project using these fabrics, I chose a totally different background effect?

Here are some of my experiments:

 I kinda like that clam shell or fish scale fabric; the golden yellow really sets off the items to be appliqued on.

Pale green shot with gold. Not bad. But not as much "wow" as I'm looking for. 

The red is promising. I like the green mug and cup against it, but the photo just above is in the shade, and it doesn't do as well as in the sunshine. Let's keep trying.

Blue?  How about green?

Naaah. Doesn't sing to me yet. 

Ah. There's our white on white. Nice try, but you're outa here.

How about this lavender?

I think we have a winner!

What do you think? Which one do you like best?



  1. Gosh it's interesting to see how each looked different depending on the background color. Looks pretty against the purple you chose... and hasn't Pantone declared it the year of Radiant Orchid?!

  2. It depends on the color of cups you put on it. I like the lavender and the yellow. THe red would be OK with brighter cups.

  3. I just love the interplay of colours and it's what makes quilting so much fun. The lavender looks good.

  4. I like both the fish scale gold and the lavender.

  5. I like the pale green with a shot of gold, as most of your cups have a touch of gold in there


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