Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hot, hot, hot!!

Brrr . . . that title is just wishful thinking for me, but for our special friend "down under" it's a reality!

Remember this?

Our buddy, Mhairi, reports that in her area the temps have been over 100 degrees for several days now!

Want to see what she is doing for fun?

Check out these cuties:

(sorry, blogger loaded it sideways on me!)

Aren't they adorable?

I just love these cute critters that she made for her kiddos! It must not be too hot to sew, right? (Grin)

Mhairi is the lovely creator of DragonDrop, who frolics here at the Lilypad. He's blowing kisses all the way across the ocean to her!

See you all again soon!



  1. Mhairi must live not too far from me then as last week we had such hot weather here we were classed as the hottest city on earth. Yuck who wants that title?! Even with the airconditioner on it was sweaty work quilting! She was smart making something nice and small!

  2. It's a lot cooler down here this week, after last week it is such a relief. Yes they are adorable little critters.

  3. Fun. Mhairi was smart to "sew small" when it is so hot. I know when the extreme heat of summer gets here I will probably fuss about it - but the 19 F this morning is way too cold for me.

  4. With this recent arctic blast, it's hard to imagine it is so hot for our 'down under' friends!

  5. Unlike you, we are having a winter heatwave here with temps in the 80s for several weeks now. Don't you think we could come up with a nice medium????

  6. Wish we had a bit of that heat here!

  7. I love that song! It made me think of the 100 degree heat in TX, I so do not miss that!

  8. Those are so cute. I made bugs. Grasshopper, Bumble Bee, and Lady bug. I have patterns for Dragon flies and Butterflies! I love the camo lobster!

  9. I so remember Heat Miser and Snow Miser. They have been favorites of mine since I was little. Love the lobster though the fabric isn't me. Thanks for shaing.

    1. Honestly the fabric isn't for me either but Mister 5 saw it stuffed at the bottom of the fabric box because there was too much to throw out and I figured I could make something with it later and he asked for that so I said yes!! It was horrible to work with but he loves it!


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