Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Saluting the Enabler in Chief!

Barbara at Catpatches has done it again! She is such an enabler! (grin)

She's sent out the news that the NEWFO efforts will continue in 2014! What's a NEWFO? I'm glad you asked!

Many of you know what a UFO is . . . your sewing area is crammed with the evidence -- projects that are in various stages of completion. They are UnFinished Objects, right? Well, instead of feeling guilty, and being bogged down with guilt about needing to finish them, let's give ourselves permission to have that spark of joy when we start a NEW creative endeavor!

Me? I try to choose smaller NEWFOs, so that these projects don't end up in the same basket with the UFOs. That way I truly enjoy the creative process. 
I can pick a pattern that gets me excited.
I can rummage in my stash for fabrics. 
I can pat those and talk to them. (Nod and smile, you know you do that, too.)
And I can start my project guilt-free. 
(Saluting) Enabler-in-Chief, I am at the ready!

Here are a couple of things on my list for 2014. (I had to look at my list of 4,592 potential projects and these caught my eye. The rest of the list will take me far beyond the three-score and ten the Lord may have in mind for me.)

I'm really hoping to put together a Lilypadquilting Quilt Along, and make the sampler quilt that I've been planning for so long. Due to the generous efforts of my sweet sister, I believe I have the orange fabrics that I need. So now there is no excuse, unless you consider making a living a valid use of time that could be used for quilting. (wink)

Also, I have had this adorable Thimbleberries kit in my stash for a while, and I want to complete this wallhanging:

And this Judie Rothermel kit is calling to me, too. It's a small project, perfect for a NEWFO start!

Join us, won't you? (There are prizes to be won, just sayin'.)



  1. Oh boy am I lovin' that pile of oranges you've gathered together! What will they become?...what will they become? It all looks like a good plan for kick starting 2014. Oh, SO many enablers in blogland!

  2. Small projects are gratifying finishes. Very pretty pile of fabrics.

  3. I love all your orange fabrics...can't wait to see what it becomes! Looks like you'll be busy in 2014!

  4. Returning the salute. I think you're in the spirit of things! Those oranges are gorgeous!

  5. oh I love those oranges, I am joining for the first time-love the idea

  6. I have a lot of small projects that I want to get to work on. Big projects, too! I am hunting my motivation!

  7. This is a great idea... it is so gratifying to get a project done, then you are motivated to finish something else. Small projects are a great way to get you going!

  8. Pooh, I love the orange fabric! What color to pair it with? Lime green? Turquois? Purple? Brown? I vote Lime green! Of course, I vote lime green for everything!

  9. OOhh, those oranges look scrumptious!!


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