Friday, December 16, 2011

What was I thinking??

When I decided to host two giveaways, and then a bloghop with a giveaway, too? What was I thinking? LOL

Actually, I have had a ball --- I've enjoyed reading all of your comments (yes, I really do read each one) and I have tried to respond to many of them.

If you have not received a reply from me, please know that I have tried to keep up, I really have! But there have been hundreds, and then some of you have been no-reply bloggers, too. I can track down some of you, but there's just not enough time to do it all!

If you did not receive a reply from me, I'd like for you to consider two things:
         1. You might be a no-reply-blogger. Please check out
              SewCalGal's post on how to resolve this problem.
         2. If you are not a no-reply, it may just be that I was 
             inundated with comments that day. 
As much as it might help, I don't actually have a "Jeeves" to rely 
on, so I find it necessary to cook, clean, and comfort, just as many of you do, too! (Grin)
I want you all to know that I am honored that many of you have said that you like the content here at Lilypadquilting, and you have signed up to follow, too. I have tried to personally welcome as many of you as I could - thank you for your choice to follow here! I know there are a lot of quilty blogs out there, and I appreciate your being here at the Lilypad! I hope that you will continue to enjoy your visits . . . we have some neat things planned for the coming year. Guest posts, hops, and more!

I'm hoping to show you some progress soon, on my quilt that I am making from my Butterscotch and Rose bundle of fabric yumminess. Here is a sample of the prints, in a picture from our super sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop:

I'll be posting blocks on Ole Frog Eyes so you can watch it grow!

Thanks for stopping by! Our giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow and Sunday!