Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Occupy - Second Evening

I'm participating in CatPatches' Occupy your Sewing Room effort, and I wanted to report on my second evening of fun.

Have you ever worked on a design and it just didn't go right? The pieces didn't play together like you thought they would? The colors just didn't speak the same language? Sigh. I had one of those evenings.

I had made some nice HSTs in Christmas-y fabrics, and was trying to put a border on my Peppermint Popper table topper. (See, Gene, I am using the name you came up with --- I love it!)

This is what I tried initially:

That just didn't seem right, so I tried this:

Those HSTs just were not singing in harmony, so I decided to keep it a two-color project. Quick as lightning, my Accuquilt Go!Baby turned out more chisels (have I told you how quick and easy that lil baby cranks out pieces?), and I made one more braid . . .

Then I put that with what I already had, and here is the Peppermint Popper table topper, ready for embellishment!

Now I can start stitching some snowflakes with the gorgeous Presencia Finca thread I got from Jane, and soon my crystals will arrive so I can finish with some bling!  To keep it in my two-color scheme, I think I'll use some Kona red from my stash to back it, and some scraps from the chisel braid fabrics for the binding.

What do you think? Are two-color quilts something that you like, or do you find them kinda boring, and long for more color?