Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occupying my sewing room . . . and a question

Looking for our fabric giveaway? Twelve fat quarters and a panel, too, in a cute penguin theme! Click here to enter the giveaway, but come on back when you're done, OK?!

Today is the first day of the Occupy Your Sewing Room campaign! Personally, I think this is a movement that should catch on like wildfire across the nation, and perhaps the globe! I'm camped out here, with my trusty Studio Cat and my snacks, and a meal already prepared for the rest of the clan, in the upstairs fridge! They'll never miss me! (Wink)

Here is what I am working on --- it's a tabletopper made from Accuquilt chisel shapes. Remember when I posted these on the blog?  This is the layout I decided on:

I'm searching for names for this . . . Streak of Santa, Lightning Santa, Cinnamon ZigZag . . . Nah! Gotta work on that some more!  Y'all got any suggestions?

Anyway, I think my sis is too busy to be checking my blog, so I'm showing all of you what I'm working on. She really liked the two color combo when I posted it, and I decided to make this for her, for Christmas!

I trimmed each end like so:

So now, I'm going to work up a border from HSTs. That will happen when my Studio Cat moves off of my feet --- right now I can't move without waking him! Good thing I have other projects within arm's reach, huh?

While I am waiting for him, I'd like to invite you to jump over to Three Cats Ranch, the headquarters for our movement, and check out the other quilters who are participating in this grassroots campaign! There are some inspiring projects going on!

Now, here is the question: has anyone got any experience with the little sparklies that you can heat and bond to a project? I was thinking about beading some snowflakes on this, but I am pressed for time. I have seen some sparkles (crystals?) that can be added for some bling --- but I don't know what they are called, or where to get them. If anyone can comment, I'd sure appreciate it; and if you have some tips for easy application, be sure to holler!