Pets on Quilts 2014

Our Pets shows are the bomb, and this year is a great example! Click here to take a peek at lots of adorable furry friends on lovely quilted projects!

Make your plans now to join us next year! Grab your furbaby (or one that belongs to the neighbors) and coax them to get on or under or beside your quilt or quilted project . . . snap some photos and you'll be ready to party with us in 2015!

And don't forget Padsworth's Project -- that is something you can help with all year long, right where you live! Make blankies or comfy sleep mats for pups and kitties in shelters in your area. You'll be helping them be more rested and perky when prospective parents come by to visit, and they will have a better chance at finding their forever home!

See you in August 2015!