Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hot diggity dog --- if there is one thing I'm really good at, it's starting new projects! (Grin) And today I'm linking up with the Enabler-in-Chief, Barbara over at Catpatches, who is hosting the party:

I'm calling her the Enabler-in-Chief because she is actually encouraging those of us with this issue, to start something new each month (and we don't even have to finish it!).  I love it!

Here are my NEWFOs for this month:

Here is the e-reader cover that I completed (uh-oh, I think that is against the rules of the NEWFO challenge.....please don't tell!) for the Remember September effort for our service men and women.

And here is a little project for the crisis pregnancy center near me -- a small tumbler quilt to be used when the baby is tucked safely into a car seat, and needs to be kept snuggly and warm.

I was gifted with the tumblers (thanks, sis!) some time ago, and I think the pinks and browns will be sweet. I'm going to bind it with the quirky edge, instead of chopping off fabric to make a rectangle --- just couldn't bear to do that!

Be sure to stop by over at Catpatches and visit all of the other poor souls who can't resist starting new projects! (Wink)