Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back by popular request . . .

One way to tell girl ducklings and boy ducklings apart is to look at their feeties. The boys will be larger and more developed; the girls will be more petite. Of course, the girls are more petite all around, too, so that gives us a clue. Our ducklets happen to be "blondes" and the boys (drakelets) are darker.  (By the way, those claws that you see on the ends of their webby feet are peculiar to the type of ducks they are - Muscovy. They actually prefer to roost in trees at night!)


Want to know what ducklings do on a dreary, rainy day?
First of all, they go exploring . . . what do they care if it's rainy, ay?


(Whispering) See you again soon!

I'm linking up with Katherine's Corner Thursday Favorite Things hop, and with her cohost, Two Succulent Sisters, because these little duckies are some of my favorite things!