Sunday, September 2, 2012

A September project . . .

I'd like to help spread the word about a really cool project for this month! I've been following some quilting bloggers whose hubbys are deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., and I appreciate their service to our country far more than my words can convey.

Melissa, over at SewBittersweet Designs, is teaming up with Kristy at Hopeful Threads, to put together some gifties for deployed men and women.  Melissa relates, "We wanted to not only send Holiday gifts to the soldiers, but something handmade and something useful. After much hemming and hawing we have come up with two different items that we think would be well used down range: Pillowcases and E-Reader Covers.  Every soldier has a pillow and many have e-readers or something similar."

Their goal is to make one gift for each of the fifty soldiers in Melissa's hubby's battery, plus fifty more, so that each soldier can "pass it forward" to another service person in the area. Another note from Melissa: 

"It is easy to sometimes feel forgotten, especially at this stage in the “war”.  Our family members leave and our whole world changes.  It is easy to feel as though you have no community – it was how I felt before I joined this wonderful community online. The idea of being able to send the men and women in my husband’s battery a Handmade Holiday…well it just makes my heart sing. I know that they would feel loved and remembered and well taken care of. The taken care of part is, I think, what means the most. They are out there every day, laying it all on the line, taking care of us, and I can’t think of a better way to make them feel like someone else wants to take care of them too than taking the time to make a handmade gift."
I hope that you will visit these two ladies' blogs and get all the details . . . grab the button, raid your stash, and check out the tutorials this month, so that you can participate!

Padsworth and I are ready, and we hope you'll join us!