Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi! Padsworth and Dragondrop here!

We thought we'd tell you about Snoodles' visit at the lake . . . she was kinda busy and so we took pictures for her! Ribbit! Rawr!

Is it? 
Is it? 
It IS!!!! 
Yay! It's Snoodles! Run like the wind! Oh, I wish I could fly, but I can't yet!

Here we are! 
We're awfully glad to see you!!

Outa my way! I want to get a pat from Dad, too!

Did ya bring us something? Huh? Did ya?

I could swear I saw something in Mom's (Snoodles') hand . . .

I did! I did! Yum, yum! Lunch!

Our heads are moving so fast they are a blur!

There's plenty for everyone!

Ahhhh! Full tummies!

Hey! Are ya getting my best side, here?

See, it's best that Dragondrop and I were snapping photos, because now Snoodles is surrounded by duckies that want to be loved and patted . . . 

And then they are ready to go back in for a swim!