Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Choirs singing, bells ringing . . .

Today I can reveal my finished Christmas wall hanging! Woot!

You may remember that during the summer we had a scrumptious giveaway of Jacquelynne Steves' fabrics, and that I've been creating a wall hanging from them, as well. It's the "Oh, Holy Night" line and you can get it in fabric stores now, and whip up some beautiful Christmas items!

My previous posts here, here, and here showed some of the steps involved, including some cool 3D embellishments on the border.

Now I have finished the outline quilting on the nativity scene, and my free motion meandering on the borders. It's even bound, and has nice triangle nooks for dowels to go into (on the back) so that it can hang nicely.

Would you like to see it? Would ya? Aww, please, don'tcha want to take a peek? It will make me feel better, if you say "yes." (Grin)

Here we go!

Well, that's not the best photo in the some errant shadows and sunshine there . . . here are some close-ups whilst I look for a better shot of the whole!

These are examples of the cute characters on the panel . . . I outline quilted these to draw attention to them, without overwhelming them. Even the animals got the star treatment:

The borders with the ornaments and 3D embellishments got some free motion work. This was great practice for me --- yes, there are a whole slew of boo-boos and flaws, but they don't look too bad from about four feet away! (Wink)

Sorry the last one is blurry -- I love the mousie, and wanted to show him off!

All in all, I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I'm looking forward to hanging this at the Christmas season, and having some kids around even if they are on the wall! Have I mentioned that I seriously need some grandchildren frolicking (is that spelled correctly?) around in this house? 

I'd really like to thank Jacquelynne Steves for giving me the opportunity to design with her beautiful fabrics! I hope that y'all will check out these linkies ( here, here, and here ) and add some to your stash and enjoy them!

Here's my finish!

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