Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once more, with feeling . . .

I'm channeling Padsworth today --- and getting up close and personally acquainted with my trusty seam ripper!  Ribbit, ribbit, rip-it, rip-it!

I started having some trouble with my free motion work. At first, I was working with shredded thread. You may know the drill: stitch for about three minutes or so, and then screech to a halt, tie off some ends and begin again. 

That got old, and I consulted Leah Day's site to find that I probably should switch out my needle for a fresh one. Done!

Then this happened on the back:

Ain't it lovely?
I hope you appreciate the fact that we have total honesty here at the Lilypad --- I show you my epic failures, as well as my successes!

I went back to Leah's site and decided to try her next suggestion . . . change threads.  (Side note: Thank you, Leah, for all of the posts and tips on your site. I am in awe of your work, and having fun trying to improve my own!)
I found a gorgeous variegated green King Tut spool in my stash and decided that now was the time for all good threads to come to the aid . . . well, you get my drift. I ripped off the plastic and put that bad boy to work.

(Bowing) Hats off to Superior Threads and this wonderful King Tut product! Look how much better it's going:

I really like how the light and dark sections of thread look -- I'm all happy with variegated thread now!

It adds interest to the quilting without screaming "Look at me!" and distracting from the rest of the project.

I'm linking up with Leah today, for the UFO party --- and I hope to finish this one soon, and take it off the UFO list!