Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple core, Baltimore . . .

Who's your friend?

Some of you may recall the hilarious episode of Donald and the chipmunks, Chip and Dale, when they use the old comedy routine of "Applecore" --- for those of you who don't remember it, here it is:

If you want to see the whole cartoon, it's available over at that place that rhymes with "boo-cube" . . . no need to give them any more advertising, eh?

Anyway, my latest portable project reminded me of that . . . I think it was sometime last year that Barbara at Bejeweled Quilts had a giveaway, and I won some yummy scrap fabric that she had cut into apple core shapes with her Accuquilt cutter. (Gotta love those machines; I pat my Go!Baby every day and tell it how much I love it!)

I wasn't able to get to it until last week, when I finished another portable project and was ready to start this one:

Isn't this fun? I especially love the pops of color from the Samoan fabrics that she included. Thanks, Barb!

The reason the left-hand side looks a little strange is that it's pinned, ready to sew, but not yet completed! I'm not sure how large this will get --- I'm thinking lap quilt here, and I may have to cut a few more to finish it out. 

Tell me --- do you have a POPR? We quilters love our acronyms, don't we?  (PIGS, UFOs, etc)  
I just made that one up . . . I think I'll use that to mean "portable project" . . . you like it? Do you take a project with you when you leave your sewing space?

I'm linking up today with the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop over at Katherine's place, and her cohost is Marla Martensen!