Thursday, August 8, 2013

Patsy Thompson Designs is a sponsor (Drool alert!)

I have long admired the work of designer Patsy Thompson . . . have you seen her gorgeous things?

You really need to click on this link and take some time to look at her Gallery. But I'm warning you, you need a wipe for your keyboard!
This is a drool alert!
We'll wait for you to check out the link and then we'll go on . . .

Waiting . . .

Mopping up keyboard . . . 

Ahh, there you are! Patsy has wonderful things on her site, from free tutorials to books and dvds, that will inspire and guide you to new techniques and fun!

She is providing one of her books as a prize for a lucky winner at our upcoming Pet Show!

Here is a link to look at the book!

Woot! (Waving) Thank you, Patsy Thompson, for sponsoring a wonderful prize for our show!