Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes, Wantobe, there *is* a Madame Samm . . .

(With a nod and an apology to Clement Clarke Moore, the author of the original poem)

Wantobe:  Is there really a Madame Samm? Does she really send out such lovely prizes to wantobe quilters like me?

Snoodles:   Oh, my goodness, yes! There truly is such a magical elf as Madame Samm. In fact, let me tell you a little story . . .

Christmas in September
Twas the day before Wednesday, and I went to town
The Post Office was bustling, lots of people around.
The mail was boxed neatly, with lots of care
And I hoped that something besides bills would be there.
I unlocked the box and threw open the door,
There was so much crammed in there that some hit the floor.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a package from Canada – the label was clear.
A red foil package just oozing with glam
I knew in a moment it must be from Samm!
I opened it carefully and then in a flash
I had wonderful items to add to my stash.
A charm pack of fabrics first caught my eye
Then even more goodies – oh me oh my!
That big-hearted Samm put in extras galore –
The envelope just couldn’t hold any more!
She’d packed in such wonders – she’s a jolly, tiny elf -
And I laughed when I saw them in spite of myself.
Like reindeer that before the packed sled fly
So my ideas for projects did mount to the sky.
More rapid than eagles the ideas they came
And I chuckled and scribbled and called them by name:
"I’ll embellish some teatowels, make hotpads to match
I’ll find lots of uses for this wondrous catch.
I’ll embroider two runners – for me and my sis
The Presencia thread will be perfect for this.
And needles how merry – my work will go fast
They’re housed in an egg so that they won’t get lost!"
I smiled and I grinned as I drove my way home
From Sew We Quilt I never will roam
You’ll hear me exclaim as I’m sewing tonight
Happy Wantobe to all, and to Madame Samm “you’re alright!”

Yes, Wantobe, there really is a Madame Samm, and she gets no gain from this campaign. (Sorry, I'm still in rhyming mode here. LOL)  She invites her guests to post and sends out the prizes when the random pick is done. 

Lookie! Lookie! Ain't they pretty?!  :)

If you would like to be part of this wonderful campaign, read some incredible posts about quilting, and possibly win some prizes, just sign up!!

Click on the button on the left hand sidebar of this blog, and you can fill out your info (which will be kept confidential and destroyed after the campaign) and I'll send it on to Samm. Then just comment on "your" day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday for wantobes, and Tuesday, Thursday for quilters) and mention Lilypad Quilting in your comment!

Easy Peasy!