Monday, September 26, 2011

** The Last Block! **

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I'd like to thank all of you that have been following along on this journey, as I have made blocks for this memory quilt. It's been a blast, and I've loved the comments, since some of you have said you recall the songs, or similar family memories.

This last block is a reminiscence of a song that I bet all of you know!

See if you can guess what this is all about:

Easy peasy, right?!  Froggy went a-courtin'!! Yay! This is another of the many songs that are good memories from my mom-in-law's childhood; her mom and dad would sing this to her. In later years it made little ones laugh as they bounced on her knee and she sang it to them.

There are various versions of the song --- in some of them, the Froggy has a decidedly martial appearance, with a "sword and pistol by his side"

While in others, he is just a very dapper fellow with amorous intentions:

He has marrying Miss Mousie on his mind, and so on my block, I appliqued a froggy, embroidered his eye and some details, and then embroidered the flowers for Miss Mousie . . . here is a closer look:

If you were to sing ALL of the verses, there is usually an extremely sad ending to the song, but I don't think many people hang in there to sing all of the verses! (I believe that Froggy meets a sudden end at the hand of a cat, or maybe a duck, depending on the song version. Sigh.)

I hope you like this block! Padsworth likes it, and says it is an excellent likeness of his cousin from the other side of the pond! Drop by and see Padsworth at Ole Frog Eyes and take a look around! You might like to sign up for the design wall membership.