Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feedback from a Giveaway Sponsor!

Sometimes we bloggers get discouraged . . . We spend time making what we think is a lovely post, or putting together an awesome (at least we think so!) tutorial or a spectacular giveaway, and sometimes this is all we hear:

But this time it's different!! Not only did we have a great giveaway recently, but our sponsor was happy, too!

Remember the tutorial on Heat Press Batting Together? Here is a link to Jeanne's site, to refresh your memory.  We'll wait and sip our cuppa Joe while you sprint over there to see.

All set? I wanted you to read Jeanne's note about how all of you wonderful quilters responded to her generous giveaway, and check it out --- she has a new product, too!

Hello Jacque,
I don't know if I told you but I loved the way you presented our product. People forget the stretchy part and that's the part that allows the edges to be exactly together after the quilting. I've kept a record of the Lilypad contacts and orders. We've had 24 orders! Thank you Ladies! Along with each shipped order, I put in a bonus of our new 3/4"x10yd product. It's being used 'quilt as you go' projects, stabilizing the bias for piecing tops and for hemming all fabrics but especially soft fabrics, knits especially. It's been interesting how people are beginning to use the product.

We have received many nice comments.. Thank you Ladies, you made my days! We have big companies that are making a copy of our product even though we hold the patent pending. They don't have the correct formula yet (they are not quilters)! I've tested the others and we are still the easiest and best!

This has been my first experience with bloggers.. How nice to really connect with quilters. I have found that the quilters are the nicest group of people. I love meeting them at the quilt shows and hearing their stories. Besides finding new techniques for quilting, fabrics, fun quick patterns, the quilters are the BEST find of all.  Thank you so much for exposing our product to your group. 

Happy quilting,
Jeanne Harwood
Heat Press Batting Together

I don't know about you, but hearing something good like that really cranks my tractor!
I hope that many of you will make the quick trip to Jeanne's online store and get a roll or two of her product --- you can't beat free shipping! (And don't forget . . . tell her that Snoodles sent you!!)