Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pawsitive thoughts

Just a quick update and a sincere "Thank you" to all of you -- all of the purrs and prayers have been much appreciated!

Moses' blood work does not look good. His white blood cells are high, and his albumin is low; coupled with the mass in his tummy, the doc says he is reasonably sure this is cancer.

Now we move to phase two . . . trying to see what we can do to maintain a good quality of life in an elderly cat. He's probably not a good candidate for surgery, but research has brought up some ideas of meds that might slow the growth of the tumor, and increase his appetite, so that he can be more comfortable and enjoy life here in the studio.

After all, what would I do without his help in arranging my quilt blocks? (Grin)

And he is a great duckling baby-sitter, too!

Please keep those pawsitive thoughts coming as we try to come up with a strategy for Moses. We're not ready yet to throw in the towel, though we know that day will come. Hopefully he has some time left with us. We want to do the right thing for an old friend.