Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We made it! (Linky party soon!)

Many thanks for all the good wishes . . . we made it through the storm! Wow, have you seen all the areas that have been so hard hit with all of this winter weather?

Just to go outside you have to clear a path! Lots of folks have been home from work; kids have been home from school . . . 

It's enough to give you cabin fever!
(Yeah, I'm crazy about the muppets; or just crazy!)

Hmmmm.....that's a great idea for a linky party!

And we love parties!

And we love to have some of our lucky followers win prizes!

That's a win-win situation if I ever saw one. (Grin)

Here at the Lilypad, this is what cabin fever looks like:

Using the Aurifil "Simply Color" thread case for a tent . . .

Seeing how many Aurifil thread spools can be stacked before they fall on a frog and a dragon . . .

Here is your assignment: put together a blog post or a Flickr upload that shows what you do when you get cabin fever! 

Maybe you quilt and quilt and quilt till your eyes cross.

 (Courtesy of Marcia's Crafty Sewing)

Or perhaps you bake until everyone's tummy is full.

Or maybe you just relax and pat your kitty or pup . . . 

 "You're gonna stay home and play again today????"

Show us what you do when cabin fever hits! Of course, we understand that some of us don't want to reveal ourselves on the interwebs -- you can hire a super model to substitute for you, or just show the project (not you).
Get your post ready, and we'll start the linky party soon, and announce the super prizes, too!