Friday, November 1, 2013

Quilters' Bee Giving Fundraiser

SewCalGal dreams up the most fun and most innovative events! Here's another one, starting this month . . . ya know we are in November now, right?

Doesn't seem possible, does it? (Grin)

This fundraiser is unique, and I'd like to encourage you to check out her post and see the wonderful prizes that are available for participants!

Lilypadquilting and three other (much more) awesome blogs are the champions for the fundraiser, and have each chosen a charity that they are promoting.

We've chosen our local humane society -- ya know we are partial to the pups and kitties, right? The Greenville Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that serves the entire upper portion of our state, and we know first-hand the good work that they do!

Don't get me wrong -- I am certain that there are many other shelters that are super, and do amazing jobs of finding forever homes for special animals, but this is the one that I have very personal knowledge of -- and I like to be sure of what I'm promoting!

Greenville Humane Society helps animals and their humans on many levels:

The 2013 Mut Strut had over 1600 humans and 1200 dogs participating!

They operate a vaccination clinic with convenient hours.

They match animals with loving foster parents until adoptions open up.

The Greenville Humane Society works hard to place pets with just the right families.They had an awesome increase in adoptions this past May, for example.

The clean, bright adoption center provides areas where potential owners can "meet and greet" cats and dogs that are ready for adoption.

I know about the Greenville group because they took in "Little Bit" who you may have seen here on the blog. We couldn't keep yet another kitty, and they found a home for her the very next day after we placed her in their loving care!

Lilypadquilting hosts the Pets on Quilts virtual show each year, and we encourage our peeps to make beds and blankies for local pet shelters. We hope that this effort at SewCalGal's will be a winner for the charities represented -- and we hope you will include the Greenville Humane Society in your participation. 

This will be a virtual charity fundraiser, where 100% of the funds raised go to these non-profits to assist them in their efforts. Quilters can contribute, or they can make and sell items, and donate some of the funds to the charity of their choice. 

Be sure to check out all the details and learn how to participate! There will be items for auction, and you can purchase raffle tickets, too. The $1 donation for each raffle ticket can be put into the "bucket" for the charity of your choice!

We're proud to be participating, and hope that you will stop in at SewCalGal's place  today, and check out the festivities.  (Whispering) The prizes are AWESOME!!!!