Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Don't open until . . .

(Holds finger to lips)


If you're like me, you are working on handmade, homemade, bestest-kind-of-presents gifts right now! (Wink)

Those jingly bells are sounding stronger . . . gotta get these done!

I know most of the time I'm talking about quilting here at the Lilypad, but I wanted to show you something just a little bit different!


Yummmmm . . . looks warm to me!

This is kinda a yarn review, too. I thought I would show you what I used:

Different, no?

Would I use this again? Ummm, I would have to think about it! (I love you, Lion brand yarns, but this particular yarn caused me no end of issues!) I mean, seriously, look at it and tell me you could count stitches and keep a pattern going with this! 

So I just did a simple K2, P2 ribbing, and it worked out just fine. Take a closer look at the texture! 

Want a really close look?

I think the recipient will love it -- just her shade of green, and the softness and texture will be appreciated!

In case you are wondering, I used only one skein, and size 10 needles. It measures about 44 inches, which will be just right for a petite person!

What about you? Are you making gifties?


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