Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toadally in love . . .

This adorable graphic suits me today --- just popping in to tell you that I love all of you Lilypadquilters! One of my fav people in the world gifted me with this; isn't he cute? Padsworth thinks it's cool!

I figured I would join the avalanche . . . so many blogs and sites are gearing up for Valentine's Day, and I'm in the midst of completely different projects!

But I can show you some Valentine goodies from past posts, and offer them as quick projects for your sewing enjoyment!

Put together some scraps and "make" fabric for a mugrug or small project for someone you love . . .

Or, go all out and put a table runner together with hearts and embroidered reminders to kiss and hug the cook!!

And you can use reverse applique to make another mugrug from the scraps!

Check out the link up there, for the post that will tell you all about those two projects, and enjoy getting ready for a fabulous Valentine's Day!