Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fruitful Hands finish! and news of a giveaway!


This is a photo-heavy post! Lots of pictures (but I can't guarantee that they are all in focus. LOL)

I finally was able to finish my Fruitful Hands tablerunner, and I want to show it to you!

I've shown you this fabulous line of fabric from my favorite designer, Jacquelynne Steves. (By the way, she has another new line coming out as we speak, and there is a contest, too! More about that later, OK?)

I showed you in earlier posts that I was making churn dash blocks, and putting them together with the blocks from her lovely panel . . .

This is how I played with them -- part of the design process here, complete with gears turning and smoke coming from my ears. Oh, you want a picture of that? Not on your life. Padsworth and DragonDrop know better than that.
I wanted to do something different, so I played with putting the blocks "on point."

Aren't those fruits and veggies gorgeous? I mean, I love fruits and veggies anyway . . . I'm getting hungry now. My mom really never had to tell me to "eat every carrot and pea on your plate." Oops, that didn't come out quite right. You didn't get it? Just say it out loud once or twice....it'll hit you in a minute.  (Grin)

I bet that some of you are thinking that I will place setting triangles in between those churn dash blocks, aren't you? Naaaah! That's too predictable!

Here is what I did:

After I joined all the blocks together, I outline quilted the edibles, and then did a freehand doodle in each corner.

Then I did some very small, tight meandering in the backgrounds of the churn dash blocks. My thinking here was that I really wanted the focus fabric on each of them to "pop" and look great.
How do you think that turned out?

Now, here comes the fun part. Since I opted to leave out the setting triangles, I have "inside" and "outside" corners to bind . . .

Remember the binding I made? Well, here is the tutorial that helped me apply it! Heather Mulder Peterson is another of the talented Henry Glass designers, as is Jacquelynne, and she has a seriously cute little guy that helps her with her work!

Her tutorial was super! I only had to get out my friendly seam ripper one time, and I didn't fuss at all. In fact, Moses the Studio Cat slept peacefully all the way through . . . so you know it must have gone pretty well!

And here are my results:

Um, yeah. Not the best shot. Try this close up?

Sweet, huh? I thought so! Try this next one on for size . . .

Not sure why that edge looks wonky . . . maybe because it's an indoor shot, and the runner is hanging on a ladder!

And one last shot in the sunshine:

I think I got a little too happy with the sunshine, and over-exposed it, but at least you can see most of it . . .

Now, I mentioned a new line of fabric from Jacquelynne way up there before this cavalcade of photos started, so let me fill you in on that!

(Imagine a trumpet fanfare here) It's a quilt contest! And a new line of fabric called Happy Town! And you can win $500! And get your quilt displayed at Market! AND help a fantastic kids' charity, too!

Talk about a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, that is one for sure!
Check out this quick summary of the contest, at this linkie! 

The rules and the submission form are there, and you can get even more information on The Noble Wife blog....and that is where the giveaway is taking place. She has some bodacious prizes up for grabs, and you won't want to miss it . . . Hop over there and check it out --- you may be a winner!
(It won't ensure that you win, but tell her that Snoodles and Padsworth sent ya!)



  1. Very nice table runner and Moses is so cute.

  2. I love the table runner and your inside and outside corners are great. I must check out that tutorial as that opens up huge possibilities for the edges of quilts of all sizes.

  3. I am still shy of any binding that isn't square. I am reasonably confident with a square binding.LOL

  4. Lindo,maravilhoso,trabalhoso e ficaria na medida certa na minha mesa...beijos a todos e muiiiitas BENÇÃOS.

  5. Love what you did with these fabrics! That's a lot of corners to do in the binding - they look great. :)

  6. Your runner turned out beautifully! Nice touch with the binding

  7. LOVE the design of your tablerunner with all its 'corners'. Though that meant binding a lot of inside corners and outside corners, you did that beautifully. I bet it looks pretty on your table. I also like the different quilting techniques you used. Great Job Snoodles!

  8. Isn't that the cutest! Oh, another challenge - already have 3 in the works so I think I will skip this one, but so tempting.

  9. I love your table runner. Great job too!

  10. You did a fabulous job!!! It is just darling and showcases the fabric well! Great job on that tricky binding as well!

  11. The fruits and vegies fabrics are really pretty and you've done them justice with this beauty of a table runner!

  12. Wow! Really sweet and so well done! The fabrics are totally yummy and your choice of binding fabric is perfection!

  13. Your table runner is gorgeous Snoodles!

  14. I've not been a fan of churn dash blocks yet, but I loved them on point! I love that fabric! I did have to say the carrots and peas thing a few times before I "got" it! LOL

  15. Oooh, I love the fruits!! I am amazed at that table runner!

  16. You have been busy!!! I love your new table runner! It reminds me of spring and going to the farmer's market. Your FMQ looks perfect!!! And the binding!!! Ohhhhh I don't know if I would have the patience to turn all of those corners lol. You did a wonderful job =D

  17. I like the shape of the table runner. I know it was not so much fun binding it, but it looks great!

  18. Your table runner turned out gorgeous. Jacquelynne's fabrics are always a favorite with me and I think her Fruitful Hands line is beautiful.

  19. I love your table runner and that binding is super mega amazing! I have never tried doing outside and inside corners. Thank you for sharing the tutorial! Hugs!


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