Sunday, February 17, 2013

$500 up for grabs!

One of the most fun things here at Lilypadquilting is the opportunities that we have to design with and spread the word about new fabric lines.

I would like to show you one of those today --- currently there is a project ongoing here at the Lilypad, but for now it is under wraps!
I'll show it to you soon, I promise, and we'll have a giveaway then, too!

Jacquelynne Steves is one of the Henry Glass designers, and I just love her fabrics. We've shown you projects with her "O Holy Night" line, and also her "Fruitful Hands" fabrics . . . now here comes the adorable "Happy Town" line that is in the stores now!!

Look at this cute panel --- and there's a story behind it!

(I snagged this photo from another of our fabulous sponsors' site: the Fat Quarter Shop, where you can find this fabric line!)

Jacquelynne envisioned this panel as a play mat that could easily be finished for floor play --- but here is the genius: it could make a wonderful bed play spot as well! She and Henry Glass have teamed up to help the Quilts for Kids charity effort, and all of her royalties will go to that great cause; the Henry Glass folks will be making a donation as well!

Here are some close ups of the panel . . .

Aren't they adorable?  I can just imagine the smile on a youngster's face, as they spread this out on the bed and play!

The coordinating fabrics are bright, cute and fun:

And check out the contest that is ongoing --- you will love this! Grab some of these uber-cute fabrics and design a quilt --- you might just be the $500 winner, and have the honor of your quilt being displayed at Market, too! 
At the linkie up there, you'll find the entry form and the rules, so what are you waiting for? (Grin)

All of the quilts that are entered into the contest will go to the hospitalized children who are served by the Quilts for Kids cause, so it's a win-win situation for all of us!

Now, let's get going to Happy Town!




  1. I think it would be so cool if it were a special back pack. It carried like a back pack, but opened like a play mat. I just don't have the talent to make one. Then it had room to carry the little cars to play as well. Someone has to be smarter than me and able to make one LOL.

  2. That would make a super play mat. I can see making stuffed cars from the coordinating fabric.

  3. I just love these fabrics and yes, that would make a fantastic play mat.

  4. Really cute fabric. And I love the idea of a play mat. I want to create a quilt with it and play with little race cars on it, with some kids I know. Just looks like fun.


  5. Thanks for sharing about the contest! I hope we get a lot of entries, so we can distribute lots of quilts to hospitalized children :)


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