Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day! Announcing May For Me Bingo!

Since this is Padsworth's favorite day, and it only comes once every four years, it's fitting that we make a lot of fuss, and wish every one of you a 

Hoppy Leap Day!!! 

I also want to join my blogging buddies in announcing the May for Me Bingo Games!  There will be four blogs that share in this adventure:

                                      Vrooman's Quilts

                                      Hillbilly Handiworks

                                      Crafty Sewing and Quilting

                                      Lilypadquilting  (you're already here!)

Sharon, Tonya, Marcia, and moi will be your guides on this fun, month-long escapade. Yes, it will be in the month of May . . . but you have some work to do, in order to be ready!

We've given you plenty of time, so don't grumble and be a cranky-pants! Here is what you need to make:

Yes!!  It's your very own Bingo card, and it's made with fun novelty prints! You'll notice that the "B" row is all blue prints or a blue item, the "I" row is yellow, the "N" row has red (and the free square), the "G" row has green, and finally the "O" row has purple!

Here is the run-down on my card: 
"B" row (blue) gator,elephant,sheep,caterpillar,frog
"I" row (yellow) duck,blocks,flower,ladybug,ornament
"N" row (red) teepee,dog,ant,flag
"G" row (green) lizard,ball,dog,cherry,jackolantern
"O" row (purple) bone,fish,dragonfly,dragon,elephant

Pop on over to Sharon's blog (Vroomans Quilts . . . click right here and you'll be there in a flash) and she has posted all of the details --- including a tutorial on how to make your own Bingo card.

You have lots of time to beg squares from your quilting buddies, er snitch them while they aren't looking, er pull novelty prints from your stash and some of you might even win some squares from Marcia at her blog!   Tonya will be giving you the rules of the game at her blog.  Be sure to hop to all four of the blogs at the links up there today, and enjoy the start of our May for Me 2012 bloghop!!

Now, I hesitate to mention this, but Padsworth is nudging me and telling me to say, "There will be giveaways, and even a grand prize!"
And this grand prize will truly be grand --- Green Fairy Quilts is sponsoring a lovely jelly roll of Tend the Earth by Deb Strain . . . feast your eyes on this beauty:

Oops! I really should have sounded the "drool alert" warning on that one, shouldn't I? (Grin) Padsworth is such an enabler, isn't he? He wanted to make sure you saw it!

Have fun hopping!!
I'm linking up today with The Shady Porch "Rock and Share" party!