Sunday, August 7, 2011

To My Mentors.....Thank You!!

First, here is what I'm thinking of today......can you tell that I need a vacation?!

I'm linking up with Foto Finish today. Go see all the other pictures at Cat Patches. You'll be happy you did!

Now, I really do want to thank the wonderful Lilypadquilting community - I got some great ideas and tips for paper-piecing, and I truly appreciate your help!

Look! I did it! I did it! See?

The picture is a little dark, because I (yawn) finished it at midnight thirty! But I think you can see, this one turned out better than the first one! No pleats, no puckers, and best yet - no stress or gray hairs (at least additional ones).

I appreciate each of you that commented and gave me tips on how to be accurate,and  how to do it more easily.  I am especially grateful for the encouragement you gave me, to try again. I can't say that I love paper piecing, or that I want to do more, right this minute, but at least I have these hearts done, and I have some rudimentary skills in my tool belt. The next time a paper piecing project comes up, I won't start to sweat or make excuses: I'll dig right in and give it a try!

Thanks again,


  1. That's a very nice image. I can almost feel the warmth on my skin and smell the salt air.

  2. So...ready to do Mabry Mill? Just Kidding!!
    Love the heart but I am curious as to what pointers helped you out...I need to share with others!!!

  3. I think I will join you on the beach!

    Pomona x


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