Thursday, August 25, 2011

Congratulations to Two of our Followers! Pet Parade Winners!

There might be someone else among the winners, who is a follower here at Lilypad, but I know for sure that two of our peeps won prizes in the Pets On Quilts 2011 Show!!

Let's give them a hand!!

Tonya, of Hillbilly Handiworks, won a super book, called Stash Magic! This looks exciting:

Another one of our long-time followers, Joy, who blogs here, won this great book:

I'm just tickled pink for the both of them!! And I can't wait till next year --- Pets on Quilts was a blast!
SewCalGal does an awesome job of organizing it!



  1. Congratulations Joy and Tonya!

  2. Congratulations Ladies - great looking books!

  3. Wooo! Way to go, Joy and Tonya!!! :D

  4. Thanks, I think the book I am getting looks way cool!

  5. I am beyond excited about the book I won! I hope to make a big dent in my stash with some of the great patterns/projects in my book!


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