Monday, July 18, 2011

We're Celebrating!

Note: This giveaway is now closed....thank you to everyone for playing along with us!

We are so happy and ever so grateful to those of you who are our followers! There are over 200 of you now, and we think that is a great excuse, er, reason to celebrate!  And what better way to celebrate than with an awesome giveaway!!

We have a super package for you this week! Fabric, notions, and more!

So without any further preliminaries, let's get this party rockin'!!

Are you all in a party mood?  Good!  Have a slice of chocolate cake?

Mmmmmmm......good, isn't it?  Alright, now grab your cuppa Joe and let's get started!

Here's a picture of the first prize that Padsworth has put in our package:

Ya'll had better have a kleenex, or handkerchief, or something ready! Just look at those yummy fabrics!

It's a seven fat quarter stack of Lola's Posies by Lila Tueller, in the rose colorway! Wow! You'll get a fat quarter each of the floral, the small floral, the stripe, the damask, whimsy leaf, the signature print "Lola's Posies," and the polka dot, too!  (Personally, I would love to win this, but that just wouldn't be right, so I had to get some for myself. I'm going to make that wristlet that Sasha designed!)

Ahem. Now, if we can contain ourselves, we'll move on to the next prize in our package. Are we all calm and composed now?

Well, Padsworth and I thought our winner might like a new pattern to use along with the fat quarter bundle. So we got in touch with Rachel at Dewberry Lane, and she graciously offered our winner a $20 credit in her online store! Yippee skippee!! Just look at some of the cute patterns in the Dewberry Lane store:

Animals! Dewberry Lane has these cuties and more!

Now look at the clothing patterns they and grownups!!

They also have a pattern for little boys that would be great for some summertime playclothes! In addition to all these, they have some absolutely incredible quilt patterns:

I can hear those gears turning in ya'll's heads - those patterns are inspiring. They have many, many more, but we need to keep this party goin'.... so you can check those out in a little bit, OK?

Dewberry Lane also has rulers, batting, pins, irons, and mats, and thread (in oh so many luscious colors!) and scads of other things. You are going to love their store! And, if you can't stand the suspense, or you see something there that you MUST have right away, they are extending a welcome to our followers: 10% off your order with this code: LilyPad.   Sweeeeet!

Now, Padsworth and I are not finished yet! Here is another goodie that our winner will receive:

These are really cool tools for applique - you can make various sizes of fabric "tubes" and press the seams to the back with these no-melt bars. Then you can lay them out to make vines, celtic designs, and more! There are five in the pack, so you can make all kinds of sizes for all kinds of projects.

Next, you might need some......

Yep, some thread! Padsworth asked me to put in a large one for piecing, and two colors that coordinate with our fabrics, too! Yummy, huh? And yes, that idyllic scene is my back yard and the pasture, and yes, if you want to, you can come and set up and sew, looking out at that loveliness - just make sure you bring some snacks, OK? You just can't quilt without some goodies to snack on! (I'll supply the java!)

The last item in our package is.....

A nice new package of quilting needles! I know that many of ya'll are machine quilters, but I bet there are some of you reading this that are like me - you love to hand quilt! Well, these #10 betweens will make that go very smoothly; I use these all the time, and I love them. If you should require a different size, just remember that 10% discount at Dewberry Lane, and grab some!!

Alright, that wraps up our prize package - now to tell you how to get your hands on this! We'll be selecting a winner from our comments here, chosen by random number generator. Our contest will run through midnight on July 26, and our winner will be announced on July 27!

Now, please don't get all frustratipated because there are several ways to enter - you DON'T have to do each and every one, although you will be increasing your chances to win. You know, good vibes, and all that. If you are a Facebookmeister, you might want to do that, and skip the others. If you don't "do" Facebook, you can choose other options.

                         1. Be a follower of Lilypadquilting, or become one, and leave me a
                             comment here.
                         2. Be a follower of Scrapendipity Designs, or become one, and
                             leave Rachel a "thanks" for sponsoring our giveaway. Then
                             come back to tell me you did this.
                         3. Go to Rachel's store - click here to go to Dewberry Lane,
                             and leave me a comment, telling me which pattern you would
                             choose to make with the prize fabrics.
                         4. Go to our brand new Facebook page and "like" us, and come
                             back here to tell me you did!
                         5. If you mention this giveaway on your own blog, to help us
                             spread the word, come and tell me for another chance!

Now, that's not too hard, is it?! Good luck to everybody! Ribbit!