Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sponsored Giveaway - from the Intrepid Thread!

Edit: This giveaway is now closed......
OK, I need a show of hands, many of you would like to know about an awesome online fabric store with a super selection of fabrics, and sales that will wow you?  How many of you would like to win some free fabric? Really? No kidding? Ahhh, I thought so!

I would like to introduce you to Julie, at The Intrepid Thread. You can find her here, at The Intrepid Thread blog, or here, at The Intrepid Thread store, or even here, at the Quilted Fish, providing an excellent tutorial for a Sweet Liberty tablerunner! You may want to bookmark that one, and make it for next July Fourth!

The Intrepid Thread online store is a family owned and run business, and they truly concentrate on stellar customer service. Named partly for the ship Julie's dad served on (which I think is way cool), The Intrepid Thread is going to be your "go-to" store for awesome fabrics and super customer care. Julie is stocking up on some of the hottest designers, and her "Coming Soon" department looks like a wish list of the stuff we were drooling over in the spring market recaps on everyone's blogs! Now in stock are familiar names like Wrenly, Alphabet Soup, Loulouthi, and more! Soon she will have shelves full of Heirloom, Pernilla's Journey, Taza, Farm Fresh, and (be still my heart) Terrain!

The Intrepid Thread team also offers an email newsletter that you will want to sign up for: fabric news, tips, and free patterns! Check out this adorable zippered wristlet that Sasha designed. This newsletter is going to be one that you'll be happy to see hit your inbox!

Recently I ordered some of The Intrepid Thread's sale items - their end-of-the-bolt prices are great! I wanted you to see how my package nice!

Even a hand-written thank you note - and these were sale fabrics, no less! Julie and her team truly know how to make their customers feel appreciated! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my order arrived, too! They aren't dragging their feet in The Intrepid Thread shipping department!

Now, I know that you are getting "antsy" hoping that I will tell you about the giveaway, so here we go! The Intrepid Thread also has 1001 Peeps in stock, and I didn't mention them before, because that is what we have for you to try to win! Julie has generously contributed eight fat quarters of this incredibly popular line of fabric! Just look at these lovelies:
These are eight fat quarters of 1001 Peeps in the Dusk colorway.....want a closer look? Go ahead, you know you do!
There's a close up of the "Royal City" (above) and here is one of the "Peeps" to drool over.....

I must apologize for the lighting on some of my was storming and I could not get pictures made outdoors!
You'll also get "Pearl Bracelet" and "Towers" - and "Illuminate" and "Illusion" as well! Here is a stacked showing of all eight:

Now..... wipe the drool off your keyboard and get ready! I have a variety of ways that you can earn chances to win this gorgeous bundle of fat quarters! You can choose any or all of these to do - it's totally up to you! It won't even matter if you don't "do" Facebook, because there are lots of other ways to enter!

                     1. Follow this blog and comment that you did, or already do.
                     2. Follow The Intrepid Thread's blog, and comment that you did,
                         or already do.
                     3. "Like" The Intrepid Thread on Facebook, and leave a comment
                         that you did.
                     4. Sign up for the IT newsletter, and leave a comment that you did.
                     5. Visit The Intrepid Thread's "Coming Soon" and leave a comment
                         here - which line you love, and what month will it arrive. Be
                         careful to fulfill this assignment correctly to get credit!
                     6. Blog about this giveaway, and leave a comment with a link to
                         your post.

Whew! SIX options to choose from, to earn chances to win! This giveaway will be open until midnight on July 13th. We will ask Mr. Random Number Generator to choose our winner, and we will announce the lucky winner on July 14th.

Let the commenting begin - and good luck to everyone!