Friday, December 22, 2017

Quick! Before you wrap it!

Just a quick note today....

I know everyone is super busy -- some of us are madly scrambling to finish projects for gifts.

A word to all of us before we wrap up those handcrafted gifties.....

Label them!!

No kidding, it is so important to label our work. We are proud of it, right? Many years from now, it will be important to those we love, and to those who perhaps aren't even born yet, to know who made these lovelies, and when!

I just finished some projects (in fact, I hope to post pix tomorrow) and wanted to remind all of us to do this important finishing step!

(I magically erased my name from the image above, but you can see that simple hand stitching is a cute way to do it.)

I used these cute labels from Jacquelynne Steves, but there are many ways to label your work. Just search online and you will find quick tricks to get 'er done!

Then sit back and enjoy as they open the gifts you so lovingly created!!

See y'all tomorrow!!