Friday, August 12, 2016

The Rules of the Game, er, Party

Padsworth and DragonDrop, here, with an important linky party announcement!

Every game has its rules, right? Well, our party is no exception. But they are extremely easy to follow!

Check these out!

1. When the linky party begins, use the URL of your blogpost or your Flickr/Instagram photo in the linky sign-up. That way partiers can find you easily!

2. Include a backlink in your post or photo description (in other words, a link to jump back here to the party) for the convenience of the party-goers.

3. Each contestant may enter two photos maximum - if you don't have a blog, you can enter two on Flickr/Instagram. If you blog, your entries can be two blog posts, or one on the blog, and one on Flickr/Instagram.

4. Last year we still had some issues with Google plus contestants....leaving comment love was problematic. It seems that not all of the playgrounds on the Interwebs have easily-opened gates between them. For this year, let's say that Google plus is OK, but you need to have a way for party-goers to leave comments if they are not "on" Google plus. On your entry text, include a note with your email for them. Like this: person(at)gmail(dot)com.  If it is at all possible for you to do so, use a blog post or Flickr -- those work the best!

5. Don't be a post-and-run contestant. Hop around and see the other contestants. That is what makes our party so fun! Plus, if you travel and comment on each entry in the show, that qualifies you for an extra entry in the prize drawings!

6. And speaking of comments, make sure you leave comment love . . . no rude comments, OK? Resist the temptation to say, "Cats rule, dogs drool!" and other such things. (Grin)

7. There are four categories, and you need to say which one you are "in." Dog (pup) on quilt, Cat (kitten) on quilt, Other animal on quilt, and Pet-themed quilted project.

8. The party will remain open for contestants for ten days. After that, the voting will begin! And after that, winners are announced!

This is all just too exciting!

See you at the party!